Who Am I?

This is supposed to be where I introduce myself right...I will not tell you who I am, I will tell you however who I am NOT...

I am not a Muslim scholar...does that come as a surprise to you? It shouldn't. I wish I were a Muslim scholar and I would have been honoured and proud to be, but the fact is I am an engineer. I am an Egyptian Muslim though.

Being from Egypt, the land of moderate Islam, the land of Al-Azhar, the biggest Sunni Islamic university in the world, I learnt long ago the wisdom and tolerance of Islam. I studied in a catholic school for I which I owe a lot (the school is from first to twelfth grade). In school we did not have any issue regarding religion, Muslims or Christians we were just bound by pure friendship.

Then I went to the Ain Shams university faculty of engineering, this was my first introduction to the extremist beards. I have seen them come in two categories. One the very extremist who NEVER answer a girl and wear certain clothes (I don't know why they have one dress code like that and where did they get it from) and are always gloomy and aggressive. The others were the lenient, nice talking people who when you first meet, you say: "Ah finally the perfect Muslim"...but of course this was the judgment of someone as green as grass...they were not, unfortunately. Dealing with them for a longer time showed me that this is just an imitation. Islam did not touch their hearts because I have seen lack of conscience, lies and deeply buried envy and aggressiveness towards society. The two categories had two things in common though, they had lots of money and they both hated each other like hell.

So I know how those people manipulate the truth to justify their actions, how they claim that all their actions are for Islam, even though they are Islam's worst enemy whether by pure ignorance or intentional malignancy.

Finally, due to what is going on in the world, the ocean of cleverly tailored lies that we live in I decided to write this article.

I did not write this article to defend Islam, because Islams' values and principles suffice it any need for defense.

I did not write this article to make you convert to Islam. I just explain the truth to you because I am too sick of the insane lies our world is wading in. Injustice hurts and silence strangles the heart and makes you feel worthless. My need to write this article is equivalent to your need to hear it. I know the value of Islam and how it was sent as a mercy to all mankind that is why I could not bear to repay it by leaving it to be attacked and just stand still.

Believe me I did not write this article to impose my views on you, I just want to clarify the facts that are may be not clear to you either because we, as Muslims, neglected showing you the beauty we can see and hence left you to judge based on the behavior of lunatic extremists who we have long ago ignored their threat on Islam.

Islam is not just for the Arabs, it is a religion to the whole world and we, as Muslims, are supposed to deliver this message to you with the best possible precision. Apparently, we, Muslims of today, did not do our duty right. We were so taken away by our cycle of life and forgot our most important duty of all. We let Islam be the victim of our negligence and hence be used by others to fulfill an evil agenda of domination.

Read and enjoy the feeling of being cared for, A very mighty GOD wants you to know the truth and wants you to see the truth for what it is. To HIM you are not worthless...HE wants you to choose freely so HE uncovered to you the truth...When you are able to see things from all perspectives, only then you really have freedom of choice.

Read and enjoy the satisfaction of a truth seeker...you are trying to look at the truth from all angles to be able to judge wisely and that is a virtue you should be proud to have it.

Read and enjoy the feeling that someone in the world wants to talk to you and sincerely wants to show you a different angle...without screaming, without judging, without anger or accusations or prejudice...just explain the facts for what they are and then leaves to let you digest what he said and hence decide where to stand.

As for me I will enjoy the feeling of non-prejudiced conversation. I will imagine a conversation where you ask and I search for the answer and deliver it as precise as I can.

I will enjoy the satisfaction of doing a small part of my homework, of being the a calm voice in a screaming world. But most of all I will enjoy the feeling of warmth in my heart that I did not just stand and watch this lunacy...I tried to clarify...to frankly explain...I tried to be positive...

Whatever you reaction is... Thanks you for reading and thank you most for trying to understand and thank you for not following the herd of screamers who want nothing but blood and who are actually losing whatever link they have with humanity until now.