Ever since its advent, Islam has been engaged in a continuous struggle against repeated endeavours to obliterate the truth for which it stands.

This struggle will continue until the world comes to an end, since the struggle between truth and falsehood and between virtue and sin is eternal and began with the creation of man and will continue as long as mankind inhabits the earth.

Islam is the final and conclusive divine faith revealed by God, and accordingly the last link of divine communication from the heavens to the earth. As such Islam has been subjected to more false accusations than the previous religions since it came: "in truth confirming the scripture that came before it, and guarding it in safety". (5/48).

The allegations against Islam, since its advent and until the present day, have been repeatedly circulated, the only difference being the wording and the attempt to present them in a semblance of scientific diction. The scholars of Islam answered these allegations each according to his own thought and we do not belittle the efforts of those scholars.

Actually this web site is a humble attempt to clearify the vision of Islam to whoever is interested in knowing it..

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The alleged Verses of Violence in the Holy Quran