Jihad...The Verses
Verse (61:4)

The Holy verse says:
"Allah indeed loves those who fight in His Way as though they are a solid wall cemented with molten lead"

Actually I am amazed at how lightly and superficially how some people handle the important and deep idea of judging a religion and hence judging those who embrace it. Can negligence or hatred make a person just performs a search on a Holy book, or even ANY book, just to grip some words like "fight" then bring these sentences out of context just to tell the superficial or prejudiced reader that the word "fight" for example is mentioned so many times and hence jumps to the silly conclusion this book promotes violence.

When this is the case I don't just blame the prejudiced or superficial writer but I also blame the reader because by his reading he is encouraging this type of silly, superficial and prejudiced writing. This is not the act of a truth seeker, this is the behaviour of a hatred promoter and I ask all readers to refuse this kind of writing whoever did it and whatever his cause is.

In the above verse God is talking to the Muslim soldiers and teaching them how HE would like HIS soldiers to be which is " solid wall cemented with molten lead ". This is how ANYONE want his army to be. If I ask you how would you like to country's army to be like you will automatically say "like a brick wall" which represents unity, stability and steadiness. When you say I want my army to be "like a brick wall" It does not mean a license to kill, it just explains simply what quality of soldiers you want your army to have. It does not mean you are telling the army "GO kill anyone", this is just superficial to a funny extent.

Notice also in the verse the word "fight" which in Arabic directly implies a confrontation between two equals. Notice also the simile chosen here " solid wall ". If I want to compare my attacking soldiers I will chose something like maybe "my soldiers are like lions" which implies that they are attackers, but if I want to express solid defense I will choose "solid wall" which is a simile used to express solid defense not aggressive attack. The Muslim army must NEVER initiate a war. They are however very strong fighters if certain conditions obliged them to fight. These conditions are clearly explained by Islamic scholars (as we explained before) which are:
1- Self defense and resisting occupation.
2- Alleviating religious persecution and establishing freedom of religion.

Even while fighting Muslim soldiers have to comply to Islamic rules of fighting (which we explained before)

I see Nothing in the verse that implies violence. Please do not be fooled by this stupid naive trick of "Grip a word by a search engine-take things out of context and voila...you have a call for violence " because you are smarter than that, and since you have read that far I bet you are a truth seeker rather than a superficial, hatred-driven person.